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You’re a flight of tiny delivery dragons in the Drake Special Postal Service (DSPS). You’ve been given a parcel, and it’s up to you to make sure it arrives safely – no matter what tries to stop you!

Delivery Dragons is a short micro-TTRPG (Tabletop Roleplaying Game) in the spirit of Lasers & Feelings and Honey Heist. All the rules fit on the front and back of a single letter-sized piece of paper. 

You need at least 1 six-sided die and a friend to play.


  • Ideal for a one-shot game between serious campaigns, at a convention, or on Twitch.
  • Includes 10 random-roll tables covering character and scenario creation. 
  • Fun vintage mail design using all custom art.
  • Simple roll system uses a maximum of three six-sided dice per roll. 
  • Fits on a single letter-sized piece of paper (front and back).
  • Includes screen-reader friendly, simplified PDF. (Please drop a comment or on Twitter if it gives you any trouble.)
  • Includes a background-free version for home printing.
  • Friendly layout makes playing a breeze.
  • A little blurb about the importance of the United States Postal Service is included at the end.

Example characters: 

  • A curious Lùhng dragon with a fun hat who specializes in attacking but is arrogant.
  • A grouchy Quetzalcoatl with wire spectacles who specializes in sneaking but is timid.

Example scenarios:

  • You're delivering a delicious pie you mustn't let cool across a dismal swamp to the whimsical fey court. But a rival mail service wants your package in order to use it to end the world!
  • You’re delivering a fragile egg you mustn’t break through a sweltering jungle to an infamous pirate. But an undead horror wants your package in order to shutter the DSPS!

A Note About the USPS

I wrote this game partly in hopes of raising awareness in the U.S. of the importance of our postal service. Due to recent political shenanigans, the USPS is at risk. Learn more here, and please consider calling your representatives to encourage them to support this vital public service.

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Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

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Community Copies

I've set the price low so as many people as possible can enjoy Delivery Dragons. But if you're marginalized in some way and unable to purchase the game, please pick up one of these free community copies!

Buy stamps, get this game free!

Please consider supporting the USPS by buying some stamps (most effective) or merchandise (still good, but less effective due to production cost) instead of paying me for this game, and pick this game up for free. 

Even if you don't need stamps, this is the closest to a "donation" the USPS can accept. Use your new stamps as an excuse to send notes to your friends, treat them like stickers, frame them, give them to a friend who uses snail mail, or just toss them in a drawer. The point is to support the institution.

Note: This is essentially the same as a community copy above; please use that instead if you don't buy something from USPS.

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