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You’re a bee looking for flowers. First you roll (or choose or make up) what happens, then you write about it. 

I'm a bee! is a solo journaling game about being a bee who is looking for flowers. While you look, you have feelings and you write about them. Play can take a few minutes or an hour or more, depending on how much you write.

To play, you'll need a six-sided die and something to act as a journal (digital or paper is fine).


  • Solo play means you can imagine you're a bee whenever you like.
  • The whole game fits on three pages; it's quick to learn and simple to play.
  • Cozy watercolor-style illustrations of flowers and bees are scattered throughout.
  • Includes screen-reader friendly, simplified PDF, fully linked with a table of contents and bookmarks when other sections are referenced. (Please drop a comment below or ping me on Twitter if it gives you any trouble.)
  • Includes six random roll tables to prompt your imagination.
  • All flowers listed in play are pollinator friendly.
  • Includes a short section with information about helping bees, which are in danger due to human development.
  • Select a donation option below to include a donation to the Honeybee Conservancy.

Example of play

You're a friendly leaf-cutter bee (rolled from the personality and bee type tables) named Chomper. As you prepare to leave home to find a flower, you realize you're feeling irritated (rolled from the emotions table), probably from the bad dream you had this morning (rolled from the backstory table). As you journal about it, you decide to flesh out the details of the dream. You hope your time foraging turns out better than the dream did!

Play proceeds from here in rounds, where you roll to see what you find, how you feel about it, and why, and you record all this in your journal. You're also free to make up any part of this (except the find check; that's always up to chance). When you find a flower, you roll to see which one you found. Then you head home, were you end your bee day with a final journaling session.

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Buy Now$1.99 USD or more

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Free community copies

I'm making copies of this game available for free for educators and those unable to afford the asking price. While I do ask that you purchase the game if possible (these take time and love to create), everyone deserves to be able to play. Enjoy!

Save the Bees $1 Donation

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I’ve been playing this game with my preschooler and he loves coming up with stories for his bees! I’ve enjoyed playing it on my own as well. It’s a lot of fun to take divergent paths with the same prompts (harrowing guilt complex Bartlebee vs bad-luck funny Fuzzbum).


A fun light micro-rpg about being a bee! Playing a single day (session) as a bee made me feel closer to them. I've always been afraid of them but maybe now I can be less so. The additional bee information at the end is also nice to have, if you want to learn how to help bees with a bee-friendly garden.  I quite liked it even if my Bombus griseocollis didn't find flowers that day.

PS there wasn't an illustration of my bee's species so I made one. An illustration of Bombus griseocollis


Awww your game is so cute and also instructive ! Thank you so much


Thank you! Glad you like it! :)


This little game is so fun! It had me looking up facts about bees.

Yay I’m so glad you enjoy it!