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You are a clowder of magical house cats tasked with keeping a magical library safe and helping its patrons—so long as those patrons aren’t planning to end the world. But something terrible is about to happen!

Library Cats is a silly micro-TRPG (Tabletop Roleplaying Game) in the spirit of Lasers & Feelings and Honey Heist. In fact, it uses the Lasers & Feelings roll system. All the rules fit on the front and back of a single letter-sized piece of paper. 

You need at least 3 six-sided dice and a couple of friends to play.


  • Ideal for a one-shot game between serious campaigns, at a convention, or on Twitch
  • Includes 10 random-roll tables covering character, library, and scenario creation. 
  • I wouldn't release a game about cute cats without including some (simple) cute cat art on the pages!
  • Roll system based on Lasers & Feelings.
  • Fits on a single letter-sized piece of paper (front and back).
  • Includes screen-reader friendly, simplified PDF. (Please drop a comment below or ping me on Twitter if it gives you any trouble.)
  • Friendly layout makes playing a breeze.
  • Did I mention there were cats? And a library?
  • Choose a donation option below to include a donation to The Bail Project.

Example characters: 

  • A snooty Persian with tiny wings who specializes in defense and can cast Zooming.
  • A grouchy Scottish Fold in a little cape who specializes in sneaking and can cast Thwacking.

Example scenarios:

  • A polymorphed dragon named Beth wants to rip a hole in reality in order to end all nap times, forever.
  • A horde of mischievous ratfolk want to steal a book from the restricted section which will get you all fired.

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I did all the product design, art, and layout for this project myself (with some proofreading from my spouse), so while tips aren't required, they are very much appreciated!

If you want to check out Library Cats before dropping a tip, you can do so later at my Ko-fi: https://ko-fi.com/shardsofblue

Please leave a comment if you enjoy Library Cats. This is my first game and every bit of encouragement means a lot!

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Okay I know it's only a one-page RPG but I made a lil quick reference for checks!


My group recently used this for a no-prep one-shot and were all particularly drawn in by the adorable art and clear layout. As a first-time GM, I particularly loved the section on starting play. 10/10 would play again!


I finally got to play through this with my group, and everyone enjoyed it a lot. It created a perfect little no prep adventure to use on a night when one of the group couldn't make it.